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Watch Lexie Liu Traverse a Pastel Dreamscape in Her Video for ‘Sleep Away’

The Chinese R&B star returns with a serene new single via hip-hop label 88rising

Riddhi Chakraborty Nov 30, 2018

Although just 19-years old, Lexie Liu is already on the rise as one of China’s biggest female R&B acts.

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Chinese R&B star Lexie Liu returns with a new single titled “Sleep Away.” Released via 88rising on November 29th, “Sleep Away” is the singer’s second track with the hip-hop label, following “Like A Mercedes,” which dropped in June. “Sleep Away” is also the first single off her upcoming U.S. debut album.

While “Like A Mercedes” was a neon-cyberpunk, trap extravaganza, “Sleep Away” shows off a softer, more elegant side of the artist. Produced and written by Liu herself, the track is built mainly around chill-hop vibes and R&B flavors from the Nineties, ushering slight moments of orchestral strings and dreamy synth-pop. It’s slow, intricate and fresh. The lyrics serenade an ethereal lover while outlining the feelings they ignite; “You came to the top of the world with the sky full of stars on your shoulder/We don’t know each other that well but you got my trust already/You are too different from them baby/I hope you know it know it know it.”

The video showcases several bits of retro-futuristic imagery, including Liu traversing through a pastel-pink desert with old television sets placed around her in the sand and scenes of her dancing under neon-red light. The visuals are hazy and slightly static, emulating an early Nineties-style music video, complete with Karaoke lyrics on the screen.

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Although just 19-years old, Liu is already on the rise as one of China’s biggest female R&B acts and is ready to expand her audience to the rest of Asia and the U.S. with 88rising. The singer-songwriter’s upcoming project will be her first to be released globally and it will include some of the tracks from her debut album 2029 (which was released only in China earlier this year) as well as several new songs.

Watch Lexie Liu’s “Sleep Away” below:

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