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LIGHTSUM Make Their First Comeback With ‘Vivace’

The rookie girl group’s latest release is the lead single off their new EP, ‘Light a Wish’

Divyansha Dongre Oct 13, 2021
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Rookie girl group LIGHTSUM make a strong comeback with “Vivace.” Leading the group’s single EP, Light a Wish, “Vivace” is the group’s first release since their debut on June 6th, 2021.

The eight-member group keep the atmosphere dynamic with a confident performance of the future bass house track. Composed and written by Tenzo and WWWAVE (PAPERMAKER), the track’s name is Italian for lively and vivid. Capturing the essence of its name in the single, LIGHTSUM accompanies the cheerful synth sounds with effortless choreography, displaying the group’s commitment to spreading positive energy through their music. 

The love song can also be denoted as an ode to a special someone. Drawing parallels between the rush of emotions and various musical elements, the group compares meeting their love interest to that of a sweet melody; “I’m leaving you to my rhythm now/ Follow me to this melody/ You can come right next.” LIGHTSUM elevate the musical metaphor further with the contrast between their accelerated heartbeat and vivace (a quick, upbeat tempo); “A shining world unfolds before my eyes/ Dancing all night long with this beautiful song/ Show your heart, walk your heart/ Yeah, so much faster vivace.”

The music video pivots towards a more sophisticated tone with a somber yet upbeat mise-en-scene. As opposed to their bright and bubbly debut, LIGHTSUM brings out their versatility through a monochromatic wardrobe palate contrasted against a neon-pop structure background. The group’s fresh, confidence-personified concept seems to compliment LIGHTSUM’s rapper, Sangah and vocalist, Chowon particularly well, as they deliver strong performances during their respective parts. 

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LIGHTSUM is the third girl group to originate from the K-pop label, CUBE Entertainment and debuted with the single “Vanilla.” Lead by the single, “Vivace,” Light a Wish contains two additional tracks– “You, jam” and “Popcorn.”

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