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If You Like Mallika Dua and Kaneez Surka, Here Are 8 More Funny Women You Need to Follow

Jamie Lever, Imaan Sheikh and Supriya Joshi are the ladies of LOL you cannot miss

Rolling Stone India Aug 11, 2017

Jamie Lever impersonates everyone from her dad, Johnny Lever, to iconic singer Asha Bhosle. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Nidhi Bisht

This actor/director is best known for her work on The Viral Fever’s Permanent Roommates and currently plays the lead in their web series Bisht Please.

Imaan Sheikh

This sassy writer gained fame thanks to her savage film reviews on BuzzFeed and continues to unleash witty hilarity on social media.

Neeti Palta

Photo: Courtesy of the artist.

Palta is known for her feminist standup acts on YouTube that pick on everything from molestation, sexist deo spray ads and arranged marriages.

Supriya Joshi

Joshi guarantees a hearty ROFL with everything she does””from AIB sketches to comedy writing. Some of her most popular works include “A Woman’s Besties” and “If Apps Were People.”

Vasu Primlani

Photo: Courtesy of the artist.

When Primlani can’t make sense of Mahabharata and de-monetization, she turns her confusions into hilarious standup material. Oh and she is deadpan diva!

Agrima Joshua

In addition to supplying an endless barrage of clever memes, dark humor and sarcasm seem to be this writer/comedian’s greatest strengths.

Aayushi Jagad

A singer, poet and standup comedian, Jagad says she is currently pursuing her dream of becoming “a Sumukhi Suresh impersonator.”

Jamie Lever

Photo: Courtesy of the artist.

The young comic is a riot on stage and impersonates everyone from her dad, the veteran comic Johnny Lever, to the iconic singer Asha Bhosle.


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