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Lisa Remar Teases Forthcoming EP with Two Fresh Singles

Over the last week, the U.S.-based singer-songwriter released ‘Ride’ and ‘Fell Into’

David Britto Dec 15, 2020

U.S.-based singer-songwriter Lisa Remar. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Throughout her life, U.S.-based singer-songwriter Lisa Remar (who is half Japanese) has had stints in New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo. Now based in L.A., the artist admits that while growing up she spent a lot of time feeling alone. She says, “I struggled at making friends as my mother tongue is technically Japanese and I learned how to speak English fluently by the time I was seven or eight.”

However, Remar turned to music and found comfort through it as well as self-expression. “Living with what I thought were cultural and lingual barriers were actually doors into different worlds,” she says. Those worlds have led the pop artist to release her debut single “Halfway to Nowhere” earlier this year, and during the last week, she’s dropped two more singles; the enchanting “Ride” and the dreamy “Fell Into,” off her forthcoming eight-track EP Still Good.

With “Ride,” Remar wanted to create dramatic soundscapes and used American artist SZA’s “Supermodel” and bassist Thundercat’s “Them Changes” as references. The singer-songwriter worked with bassist-producer Kaveh Rastegar on the song while she worked on the rest of her upcoming EP with guitarist-producer Marton Bisits. Remar says, “Before I started making any of it, all I knew was that I wanted it to be guitar-heavy, which is how I ended up working with Marton. Never have I ever sonically synced with a producer and instrumentalist.” She adds, “I’m convinced we are semi telepathic when it comes to musical ideas. Sometimes I get really spooked because he lays down exactly what was playing in my head before I even get the chance to vocalize my thoughts.”

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Remar’s music includes beautiful sonic textures that hit just the right spot. There is minimal yet effective production for the songs while her gentle and delightful vocals hold everything in place quite well. On what to expect from the rest of Still Good, the singer-songwriter tells us that it will include multiple genres that represent her present state of mind creatively, musically and personally. “The EP basically reiterates this emotional chaos based on specific life events,” says Remar.

While the singer-songwriter has gone through ups and downs during the pandemic, lately she feels less afraid of everything. She says, “Making music has always been my biggest coping mechanism.” Still Good is set to release in 2021 and is currently Remar’s main focus. The singer-songwriter hasn’t thought ahead yet as to what she wants to do once the record is out, however, she says, “I love making teasers and things for my social media so definitely (will release) some playful content.”

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