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Listen: Ahmedabad Post Rock Band As We Keep Searching Release Debut EP

Stream the track “In Circles” from ‘Growing Suspicions’ EP

Rolling Stone India Feb 12, 2014
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Ahmedabad post rock band As We Keep Searching

Ahmedabad post rock band As We Keep Searching

While they had originally gathered to form a blues/psychedelic rock project, Ahmedabad-based guitarist Uddipan Samrah, drummer Ashwin Naidu, keyboardist Shawn Gurung found that they also shared the same interest in post rock. The musicians channeled their post rock leanings to form As We Keep Searching in 2013. Sarmah, who also launched his own recording studio and jam room, BlueTree Studio, in July last year, will release As We Keep Searching’s debut EP, Growing Suspicions, on February 14th.

Although the band’s members are spread out in Pune and Ahmedabad, recordings and jam sessions take place at BlueTree Studio. Sarmah wants the band to inspire other acts in the city to release material. Says Sarmah, “The reason I got into studio work and the band is because I want to try starting up the scene here [in Ahmedabad].” Sarmah left his job as an engineer in Bengaluru, where he spent the last seven years, and returned to set up BlueTree Studio and produced Growing Suspicions.

As We Keep Searching released their debut single “The Tattva” in December and gained attention from the global post-rock community, including an offer from UK electronica artist Leroi aka Liam Baugh to remix their tracks. Growing Suspicions comprises eight tracks, including Baugh’s remixes of “The Tattva” and the band’s second single, “Aakorxon.”

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Sarmah is optimistic about his band’s chances at getting heard, considering that post rock bands such as Until We Last, Space Behind The Yellow Room and Mushroom Lake have found an audience. The next step for As We Keep Searching is to land a gig. Although Ahmedabad-based sessions bassist Marc Damania played on the album, drummer Naidu recruited bassist Tushar Verma from Pune and the band is now working on a 45-minute set. Says Sarmah, “A few more jam sessions and we’ll be set.”

Stream As We Keep Searching’s debut EP, Growing Suspicions. Buy the album here.

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