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Listen: American/German Metallers Nightmarer’s Terrifying Debut Album

‘Cacophony of Terror’ is the work of guitarist Simon Hawemann, vocalist John Collett and drummer Paul Seidel, from metallers The Ocean

Anurag Tagat May 17, 2018

Death metal band Nightmarer. Photo: Justina Villanueva

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For a record that’s as thundering as Cacophony of Terror from death metal band Nightmarer, drummer Paul Seidel recommends you turn off your lights, lay down and “just try drowning in the atmosphere that we’re trying to create.”

You’d think that would be comfortable, but Seidel says the trio — who came together in 2013 after knowing each other through the tour circuit for many years ”“ are very much concerned with the extreme and the displeasing. He explains about their sonic intentions, “If one is willing to dig deeper into something that completely shatters their comfort zones, they will be rewarded with an incomparable resurrection, a different view on the world.” It is pain, among other discomforts, which are the most “pure and transcendental” feelings, according to the drummer.

In 10 tracks, there’s crushing death metal that’s technical, a tad ”˜classic’ and also informed by black metal. Where they strike hardest is on tracks like “Tidal Wave of Terror,” “Cave Digger” and the wiry, chasm-like “Bleach.” The band, however, says that Cacophony of Terror is a “very consuming and versatile record, that doesn’t have this one standout track and it also isn’t meant to.” He adds, “The musical and conceptual idea behind it is more important, than a single fragment.”

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That’s a familiar songwriting approach considering Seidel performs with German metal mind-benders The Ocean, who are best known for crafting some of the most cerebral concept records in metal. Prior to that, Seidel played for metallers War From a Harlots Mouth alongside guitarist Simon Hawemann. The two created Nightmarer after finding the perfect vocalist in John Collett (from American death metal band Success Will Write Apocalypse Across the Sky) right after their previous band came to an end. Spread across three cities in two continents, Seidel says writing music or keeping in touch is not difficult. “We are a band that utilizes the abilities of being multi-national and I think that is an amazing opportunity.”

There’s a Nightmarer tour in the works for later this year which will bring the trio in the same room. Until then, Seidel is working on his first record with The Ocean, a double album that’s due to release in Autumn this year. He says, “I just really enjoy not being bored and embrace the rewards of creating something.”

Listen to ‘Cacophony of Terror’ below.

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