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Listen: Amlan’s Immersive Debut EP ‘Captivate’

The Mumbai producer’s wholesome electronic record houses jazz elements, techno and house

David Britto Dec 05, 2018

Mumbai producer Amlan recently released his debut EP 'Captivate.' Photo: Aditya Mukerjee/Mukkuboi

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For an artist who released his debut single (“Poise”) only a year ago, Bengaluru-based producer Amlan Mukerjee ”“ who goes by his first name ”“ has come a long way in very little time. Amlan recently bagged his first international gig in the Netherlands at Amsterdam Dance Event 2018. He says, “The amazing venues, sound system and parties inspired me to work even harder to finish the EP.” And finish his EP he did, with the four-track Captivate releasing a year to the day he put out “Poise.”

Work on Captivate started around eight months ago and at the time Amlan states he had no background in music production and struggled to get the basics right. On how he crafted the EP, the producer explains, “I come up with as many ideas I can everyday and upload them to a private playlist.” He adds, “I keep listening to them at different times and situations until I figure out how I want the complete track to sound like.”

The record opens with the slick track “The Light” which brings together techno flavors over synth layering. The 26-year-old counts the title track as his favorite though. He says, “I love the melody and the energy of this track. It also laid out the foundation for the rest of the tracks on the record.” Amlan, who has been playing keys for the last six years, shows off his accrued skills on “Pink Panther,” another fun creation. He adds, “I had a lot of fun producing this track — layering Jacques Clouseau’s dialogs over some jazzy keyboard riffs. It’s interesting because I didn’t plan for this track; all the ideas came from one of my live sessions creating this mysterious and bass heavy track.” The EP closer, aptly titled “A New Beginning” is a calm and melodic tune that falls just shy of two minutes.

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Currently the producer is reaching out to venues around the country to promote Captivate and also promises plenty of fresh material. He says, “The last few months have been a steep learning curve and I plan to come back with better music for my upcoming releases. 2019 is going to be very exciting for me.”

Listen to ‘Captivate’ below. Click here to stream the EP on other platforms. 

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