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Listen: Angad Katari’s Melancholic Debut Album ‘Lost’

The 23-year-old New Delhi singer-songwriter deals with dilemmas, love and low phases on his first record

David Britto Jan 31, 2018

New Delhi singer-songwriter Angad Katari has just released his debut seven-track record, 'Lost.' Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Although New-Delhi based singer-songwriter Angad Katari is a practicing lawyer, he prefers spending more time inside a studio than the courtroom. “I go to court three or four days a week if I don’t have anything to do,” says the 23-year-old musician, who has just released his debut seven-track record, Lost.

An acoustic album, Lost touches upon themes of melancholy, personal crises and love. It opens with the lamenting “Never,” a track that pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the album. Katari says, “The song is about when I had a bad scene with a woman one time. It was about something that I had not felt before and I never wanted to feel that way again.” On “Don’t Know What to Do,” he expresses more dilemma. “I was in a fix at that time in my life,” he says. Katari admits writing that song helped him get out of his funk. “Zoozee’s Song” is the most upbeat song on the record while the album closer, the title track, is a delicate arrangement filled with lush guitar work and delicate piano parts.

Katari invited session musicians to work on his album, which he recorded at New Delhi-based producer Abhishek Sekhri’s Kintsugi Studios. The latter also mixed and mastered it. “He was the guy who helped me find my sound,” says Katari, who initially started out as a percussionist in 2011 and began performing with New Delhi prog metal band Let There Be Silence as their drummer. When the group disbanded three years later, he started working on his own songs.

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Katari will launch Lost on February 2nd at Akshara Theatre in New Delhi. The vocalist-guitarist will be joined on stage by bassist Harshit Mishra, keyboardist Birraj Taneja, cello player Sayan Sinha, vocalist Krishna Vinod, percussionist Makrand Sanon and drummer Aditya Dutta.

A three-city tour of Bengaluru, Mumbai and Pune is also in the pipeline, as well as a music video for “Never.” Katari also wants to head back into the studio in May to record a five-track Hindi EP, which he wants to release in August.

Click here for details about Katari’s launch gig. Stream ”˜Lost’ below:

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