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Listen: Bengaluru Electronica Duo Argenil’s Debut EP ‘She Did It’

The pair showcases everything from straight up EDM to folk-fusion on their five-track release

David Britto Sep 18, 2018

Anil Prasad (left) and Rohit Gandhi from Bengaluru electronica duo Argenil. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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When Bengaluru musicians Anil Prasad and Rohit Gandhi first met in college, Prasad confesses that he was never interested in music until Gandhi influenced him to pick up the guitar. “Rohit was a percussionist for the longest time having his mother as his sole inspiration,” says Prasad. After performing together in several bands, the pair progressed towards electronic music and formed Argenil in 2015. Prasad explains that in Argenil, Gandhi works as a producer, plays the saxophone and handles percussion duties. He says, “I DJ and play the guitar.” Now, the duo is out with their debut five-track EP titled, She Did It.

The pair went into the studio with around a dozen tracks before settling on five songs that according to them showcased their sound best. “We wanted to make an EP that defined our sounds collectively and not just by a particular theme,” says Gandhi.

She Did It, produced by the duo, is general electronica but fed through Indian Classical music influences as well. The five-track EP also has a host of collaborations from the fiery title track (New Jersey hip-hop artist Eddie HeartThrob) to the aggressive “Help” (U.K. rapper Yatez) to the folk dubstep mash “Dholna” (New Delhi vocalist Deveshi Sahgal), all in 16 minutes. “Even though we had a vision of our sound, it was quite challenging to make that perfect blend,” says Prasad. The EP was mixed and mastered by Kochi-based Vivek Thomas.

Since the release of She Did It, Argenil embarked on their first ever 10-city tour of India through September and October with gigs in Chandigarh, Indore, Guwahati and Mumbai coming up. Ask Prasad about what it’s like being on the road and he says, “The traveling side can be a little hectic but it’s worth it.” He adds, “You get to experience vibes and cultures of different parts of the country, meet different people, explore, learn and inspire.”

Stream the EP below.

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