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Listen to ITRA Turn Up The Nostalgia In ‘Ab Na Pila’

The Bengaluru duo slow down the tempo with this acoustic offering

Jessica Xalxo Oct 05, 2019

Vinod Patney and Naren Thota of ITRA invoke bittersweet nostalgia on the acoustic version of "Ab Na Pila." Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Bengaluru singer-songwriter duo ITRA recently dropped the acoustic version of their March pop single “Ab Na Pila.” Comprising vocalist Vinod Patney and producer Naren Thota, the duo tone down the pep and tempo in this laid-back version of their summer track.

The acoustic version of “Ab Na Pila” invokes all the bittersweet nostalgia of lost love, diverging paths, adulting and growing up. Patney’s boomy vocals swell around the melody and strumming of the acoustic guitar and the catchy toot riff is replaced by turned up synth, emphasizing the unsaid and wistful. The duo bring the lyrics and vocals to the fore on the almost stripped bridge that helps the song hit home. “Ab Na Pila” is the pick-me-up that both soothes and reminds you that you’re still here. 

ITRA have cited that they’ve more singles lined up. 

Stream “Ab Na Pila (Acoustic)” here and watch the music video below:

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