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Listen: Kraken Show Off Melodic Wizardry with Instrumental Version of ‘LUSH’

The New Delhi rock band are also working on material for a follow up to their 2017 EP

Anurag Tagat Feb 14, 2019

Artwork for Kraken's instrumental version of 'LUSH'. Art: Rudraksh Banerjie

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When the regular outsider being introduced to math rock and post-hardcore, an expected and often ridiculed critique is about how the screams apparently ruin what is otherwise melodically palatable.

New Delhi’s Kraken got to know that feeling when they released and toured with their debut EP LUSH in 2017. Taking into consideration a few fan requests and their own interest, the rock band decided to release a version without vocalists Vipul Verma and Shagun Trisal. Guitarist Moses Koul says about releasing an instrumental version, “The moment you have screamo vocals, you alienate a huge amount of listeners. But that wasn’t what prompted it.”

Koul says that in the course of releasing playthrough videos as well as conducting masterclasses, people did ask for an instrumental version of the songs, which are high on melodic pyrotechnics. On the instrumental version, the songs bring into focus Reuben Das’ synth and keyboard work, as well as smoldering rhythmic gymnastics from bassist Rangarajan Venkatraman and drummer Reet Mukherjee. Koul adds that the release also helps them revisit their work. “It was a blessing in disguise, because you get to study your own composition in a different way,” he says.

The guitarist adds it’s helping them write their second record, which is slated for a summer 2019 release. It will be the first with Kraken’s current lineup, now featuring Koul, Verma and Das alongside drummer Suyash Gabriel and bassist Amar Pandey. Koul adds, “We’re halfway through pre-production and all the songs are done. We’ve booked the studio and we’re recording the songs as we go along.”

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