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Listen: Mumbai Metallers Primitiv’s New Single “Lords of Primitiv”

Comprising members from heavy metal bands Albatross and Hellwind, Primitiv are slated to play two gigs next month

Rolling Stone India Sep 19, 2014
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Primitiv. Photo: Tushar Dhanawade

Primitiv. Photo: Tushar Dhanawade

Bassist Riju Dasgupta, from Mumbai heavy metal band Albatross, is big on concept bands. While his heavy metal  band Albatross is a concept band about all things horror, Dasgupta is also a fan of concept bands such as heavy metal act King Diamond and American heavy/power metal band Iced Earth. Primitiv, formed in 2013, includes Dasgupta and is the latest in the line of his pet projects. Along with vocalist Nitin Rajan [gig organizer of metal gig series Domination ”“ The Deathfest], guitarist Kiron Kumar [from Hellwind] and drummer Pushkar Joshi, Primitiv is a concept band, which revolves around the story of a man starting over after a nuclear holocaust.

Although Primitiv has remained low key on the gigging circuit, the band just announced a new single titled “Lords of Primitiv,” the follow-up to their 2013 debut single “Taurus.” Dasgupta says their latest song is a cross between doom-y, old school bands such as Black Sabbath and Orange Goblin, and is an introduction to the universe of Primitiv. He adds, “This is when a scout walks into a cave and sees words on a wall that invoke the lords of Primitiv.” Last month, the band  recorded the song with producer Ashwin Shriyan [from Mumbai extreme metallers Demonic Resurrection] and sent it to former DR guitarist Daniel Rego for mastering. Says Dasgupta, “He [Rego] really understands sounds like no one else.”

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While there was an original plan to release an EP, Dasgupta mentions the band will concentrate on singles and gigs. He says, “One of the reasons we haven’t done much is because our guitarist Raj [Bhattacharyya, who is also part of hard rock/heavy metal band Hellwind] got married this year.” Mumbai-based guitarist Avirath Kadam [from upcoming thrash/death metallers Wrath] has been filling in for Bhattacharyya at gigs in the past. There are two gigs lined up in October ”“ first at the annual metal show Grand Mammoth Festival in Navi Mumbai on October 4th and at gig series Metal At the Tavern in Hyderabad on October 11th, which is organized by Dasgupta and Rajan. Says Dasgupta, “The Hyderabad gig is going to be special because it’s the first ever gig with the complete lineup. Even for the Mumbai gig, we’re having Naval [Katoch, guitarist from death/groove metal band Wired Anxiety] and [Albatross drummer] Jay Thacker fill in since the other guys are away on holiday.”

Listen to “Lords of Primitiv” here

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