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Listen: Parade By Polar Lights

Dimapur pop rock band release new single

Rolling Stone India Oct 29, 2013
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Album artwork for Polar Lights’ single “Parade”

Polar Lights have been on our radar for a while now. Sarah Pongen, co-owner of Dimapur’s Jumping Bean Café and something of a scene starter in Nagaland, first mentioned the band when we discussed the Music Task Force series. Pongen mentioned how audiences across Nagaland were beginning to open up to genres outside of metal and Polar Lights were right on top of her list of bands. Soon enough, Polar Lights’ “Empty Hallway And A Candle Light” made it to the seventh edition of Stupiditties. The band recently released “Parade,” their new single, which instantly hooked us with its buoyant guitar riffs and singalong lines. Led by Mar Jamir’s clear vocals, “Parade” seems to channel Nashville rockers Kings of Leon and American pop singer Jason Mraz in parts, but it’s definitely a track that will stay on in your playlist for a while.

Stream “Parade” here


Buy  “Parade” here

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