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Listen: Pune Experimental Rock Band Pinnochio’s Moment of Clarity’s New Single “Eat My Head”

The prog-leaning band takes an electro turn on their latest release, which will be included on their upcoming album ‘Entropy’

Rolling Stone India Aug 09, 2014
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"Eat My Head" artwork by Mayank Dhasmana

“Eat My Head” artwork by Mayank Dhasmana

You might think it’s difficult for a band with members living in Mumbai and Delhi to make it work and write music together. But experimental rock band Pinnochio’s Moment of Clarity [PMOC]’s guitarist/producer Aditya Virmani says it’s made their writing process more organic. The band, which currently comprises Virmani, vocalist Shashank Chandak [also part of Delhi prog rock band The Uncertainty Principle], drummer Gautam Deb [from experimental metal band Noiseware and hardcore/prog band Reverrse Polarity] and guitarist/bassist Shaurya Sharma, have released their latest single “Eat My Head” [featuring Virmani on vocals] and preparing for their first full-length album Entropy.

The band, who started releasing material last year, are known for both their heavier, prog rock-leaning songs such as “Entropy” and more experimental tracks such as “Muted Conversation” and “Forgotten.” Their latest song definitely stays in the experimental music zone, drawing from electronic influences such as synthpop band Clubfeet and electronica group Planet Funk. Says Virmani, “I wrote it a couple of years ago, but rewrote it recently after getting into more electronic music.” While “Eat My Head” is new ground for PMOC, Virmani insists the prog rock elements still exist, like another new song called “Snooze.” Virmani adds, “Shashank has added some great vocal lines to that song.”

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With Entropy in the pre-production stage, the band is plotting an eight-track album showcasing their prog-rock and experimental/electro influences with past and current members. Says Virmani, “The whole point is for it [the band] to be a collaborative project.”

Listen to “Eat My Head”

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