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Listen: Run it’s the Kid’s Dreamy Debut Single ‘Love We’re Made From Porcelain’

The Delhi-based band that plays ‘moody waltz music’ release the first song from their debut album due next month

Nirmika Singh Jan 08, 2016
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Run it's the Kid 2 - Photo by Mohit Kapil

Delhi-based band Run it’s the Kid. Photo: Mohit Kapil

Say hello to the newest mood-builders on the block. Delhi band Run it’s the Kid might have been around only a couple of years but their debut single belies their young age. “Love We’re Made From Porcelain” is a rich slow waltz with plenty of reverie and melody to make you want to dwell on a decaying love and what-could-have-beens.

The song is a part of their upcoming album due on February 29th. Says the band’s vocalist/guitarist Shantanu Pandit, “We will release another single maybe a month from now, before the album comes out.” Run it’s the Kid also features Dhruv Bhola [guitars], Danik Ghosh [bass] and Bhairav Gupta [drums]. The band was formed in 2013 and the self-titled album has been in the pipeline for quite some time. “The album has 10 songs. We recorded it in Calcutta with [producer] Miti Adhikari. The tracking itself was done in seven days but we took our time on the mix,” says Pandit.

The album will comprise a mix of slow ballads and untempo compositions about love and life in general. Since the band calls itself a “moody waltz” act, ask Pandit if all the tracks will be straight-up waltz compostions in ¾ signature and he says, “Well, most are, in one way or the other, variations of the ¾ waltz.”

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The band is currently also working on a tour to promote the album, the details of which should be out soon.

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