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Listen to Seori’s Moody New Single ‘Can’t Stop This Party’

The all-English single follows the singer’s 2021 collaborative single “Dive With You” featuring eaJ

Divyansha Dongre Mar 22, 2022

Admired for her unique vocal colors, rising K-R&B star Seori makes a spell-binding return with her new single “Can’t Stop This Party.” The latest release follows Seori’s 2021 single “Dive With You” following singer-songwriter and former DAY6 member eaJ. 

Produced by Joseph Kearns, and written by Chloe Angelides, Joseph Bryn Kearns, Treyshun Campbell, “Can’t Stop This Party” is a moody R&B-pop single, elevated by Seori’s raspy vocals. Opening with resonant piano sounds before melancholic lo-fi beats kicks in, Seori expresses her desire to escape the sadness that slowly engulfs her: ” Getting over the sadness/ Here you go, you can have it/ Up the pole, see me dancing/ And it feels good heading Earth.” 

The moody vibe of the track accentuates the pensive lyricism which explores love, loss and betrayal. Contrasting the emotional funk she’s trapped to a never-ending party, Seori fashions a metaphorical space where she seeks escapism from reality where her unrequited love led her to a path filled with bitterness and betrayal. Eventually, Seori finds herself at a party where she chooses to immerse herself into the hypnotic party atmosphere to dilute her emotions, as opposed to constantly pondering over them. 

Born Baek Sohyun, Seori took charge of the artistry at the age of 19, writing and composing tracks. Following the launch of her YouTube channel and soul-stirring covers, the singer-songwriter rose to fame, gaining the attention of global audiences. Boasting an impressive roster of hits including her feature on TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s “0X1= LOVESONG (I Know I Love You), the Seoul-based artist’s discography comprises her six-track EP ?depacse ohw and five singles including “Can’t Stop This Party” and the viral hit “Lovers In The Night” which has amassed over 12 million streams on Spotify alone. 

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