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London-based Folk Musician Rodney Branigan Kicks Off India Tour

The multi-instrumentalist will play at the India Bike Week 2015 in Goa

Radhapriya Gupta Feb 11, 2015
Rodney Branigan - 1

Rodney Branigan/Courtesy of the artist


Texan folk musician Rodney Branigan, an Ed Sheeran soundalike, is a complete Indophile. The London-based multi-instrumentalist, who is back in India for his fifth series of gigs, has been performing in India since 2008. The most talked about aspect of Branigan’s shows is the fact that he can play more than one instrument at the same time. The 38-year-old musician recently performed at the Sula Fest 2015 in Nasik, playing a mandolin and the guitar simultaneously to an audience that lapped it all up. “I was actually quite excited to come here the first time. We were fortunate that we had some really nice people to take care of us.” The singer tells us that but for his wife, who is half Indian, he would have never imagined performing in India. Says Branigan, “My wife introduced me to Tarun Shahani Aka Boombaba, who got me in touch with the people in BlueFrog for my first gig here.”

On stage, Branigan is chatty and self assured. At the Sula Fest this year, his mid evening set began on a bum note with the sound on his microphone switching off as soon as his performance began. But unfazed, Branigan picked up right where things went bust and won his audience over. It’s easy to tell why. Says Branigan, “I started playing the guitar at the age of eight. My dad started out as a drummer and later became a guitar player and singer. I started learning classical guitar at the age of 11 and in my teens, I studied Latin Jazz and Flamenco music. I learn and pick up things from wherever I go. I picked up my percussion style from tabla players in India.”

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Playing at various venues like Blue Frog, The India Bike Week and Nariyal Paani, he has some high octane shows planned. “I am performing with the Whirling Kalapas at Blue Frog and at India Bike Week and with Ashwin Andrew and Karan Joseph AKA Madfingers in Alibaugh.” Branigan has toured with bands like Mumbai electro rock group Pentagram in the past, collaborated with Rajasthani folk artists and wants to collaborate with several other Indian musicians. He says, “I would like to produce an album here eventually. Randolph Correia from Shaa’ir and Func and I have been talking about doing a project together for seven years now. Let us see if it happens soon.”

Rodney Branigan will be performing at the following venues:

February 11th, 2015- ALL STARR JAMM, Jack N Jones, Mumbai

February 18th, 2015 – Blue Frog, Pune

February 19th, 2015- Blue Frog, Mumbai

February 20th, 2015- India Bike Week, Goa

February21st, 2015- Nariyal Paani, Alibaugh



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