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A.R. Rahman Announces New Singing Hunt in Partnership With YouTube Originals and Qyuki

The composer, along with Clinton Cerejo, Shaan and Vidya Vox, will be picking “India’s most authentic voice” on his show ‘ARRived’

David Britto Sep 21, 2018

A.R.Rahman will be one of the judges on 'ARRived.' Photo: Courtesy of Qyuki

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Just when you thought India couldn’t do with more singing reality shows — Indian Idol is currently on air while registrations are on for India’s Got Talent, The Voice and The Stage ”” the country’s biggest music ambassador A.R. Rahman has announced a contest of his own, titled ARRived. The show also marks the launch of YouTube Originals, the company’s premium programming service which is currently available on its ad-supported platform till YouTube Premium, the ad-free subscription streaming debuts in India.

The other partner on ARRived is Qyuki, a Mumbai-based digital media company Rahman has co-founded with Shekhar Kapur and Samir Bangara.

Ask Bangara, Co-Founder and MD, Qyuki about why they felt the need for another talent show when there are so many already and he says, “Exactly because there are so many of them!” According to him, most shows “follow a certain pattern” where they rely heavily on melodrama, soppy back stories and jury clashes to woo the audience and gain TRPs. By virtue of being purely digital, what sets ARRived apart is that it will cut to the chase — it promises to skip the theatrics and shine the spotlight only on the contestants for their actual talent, while also catering to a younger audience.

Shaan, Vidya Vox and Clinton Cerejo (from left) will also be on the judging panel for ‘ARRived.” Photo: Courtesy of Qyuki

The judges on the series include Rahman, composer Clinton Cerejo, vocalist Shaan and Los Angeles-based YouTube sensation Vidya Vox. Refraining from divulging more, the Qyuki MD says, “The setup is an antithesis of what you see on TV; they [the contestants] will be in their core space where they are at their best.” Since the contestants’ talent will take precedence over their potential stardom, the makers have decided to stay away from the public voting system. Says Bangara, “Public voting is a nice feeling but it also flushes down the toilet a fantastic voice. Our entire concept is pegged on authenticity; it is a breakaway of what you see on TV, so expect to see a different format and be pleasantly surprised.”

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Apart from the glory of being handpicked by four music powerhouses, the winner will bag a playback outing for a Bollywood film. The runners-up, too, stand a chance to clinch opportunities. “You have a winner but what about people who are equally amazing but have just fallen short or not prepared or maturing as artists? We are going to help them too”¦ We will also be working on scaling up the contestants’ YouTube careers.”

Click here to register for ”˜ARRived.’ Last date of submission is September 25th.

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