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Lost Stories and Jonita Gandhi Team Up for Electro Take on ‘Mehndi Te Vavi’

The Gujarati wedding song is turned from folk to cinematic electronic pop in the latest collaboration between the EDM duo and the singer

Anurag Tagat Sep 15, 2021

Electronic music duo Lost Stories and singer Jonita Gandhi collaborate on their new song 'Mehndi Te Vavi'.

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Electronic music duo Lost Stories’ Prayag Mehta tells us that he and his fellow producer Rishab Joshi’s mothers Jyoti Mehta and Pankti Joshi (respectively) both share a favorite song — Gujarati folk tune “Mehndi Te Vavi.”

As a homage to their moms, the duo called on singer Jonita Gandhi, who has been singing the song growing up. Mehta adds, “The song is about 60 years old and every traditional Gujarati homemaker has loved this track for over six decades. It also happens to be one of the earliest Gujarati songs that Jonita grew up singing. It was a no brainer decision for us.” Gandhi adds in a statement that the process of creating “Mehndi Te Vavi” was “really fun and such a breeze.” The song is released via label Velvet Vibes, with a music video starring Telugu actor Simran Choudhary and YouTube/Instagram influencer Mr. MNV.

Mehta recounts how Lost Stories have always had an “ethnic” edge to their music, inspired by Indian folk music. It’s heard on songs like their 2010 single “Ashna” as well as recent singles like “Mahi” featuring Kavita Seth and “Bombay Dreams” with Seth and producer KSHMR. In 2020, both their songs “Mai Ni Meriye” (featuring Gandhi and singer Ashwin Adwani) and “Noor” (with Zaeden and Akanksha Bhandari) signaled a more focused push towards music employing Indian languages. “We have been true to our roots and have continued with one of our biggest motivation, which is making Indian folk music gain more awareness without making it sound redundant,” Mehta says.

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With “Mehndi Te Vavi,” there’s a tempered build up from simple guitar arrangements to pop flourishes, topped off with an euphoric drop. It took Lost Stories and Gandhi about eight months to finish the song, which had taken shape when the duo had stepped outside for a walk, after months of being cooped up in their studio environment. Mehta adds, “It breaks into a cinematic drop with lo-fi drums and our signature flute while building up to a sudden vintage, Sixties transistor radio style break and then going back to the drop in its full glory! There was no template for this, no reference.” The producer shouts out sound engineer Vinay Hariharan for helming mixing duties on “Mehndi Te Vavi.”

Up next, Lost Stories follow the trail that “Mehndi Te Vavi” has taken them on and have a three-track EP comprising wedding songs in the works. “We are really excited and looking forward to release the other two tracks from the EP soon. We also have another EP coming out on [label and platform] Artist Originals before the end of the year,” Mehta says.

Watch the video for “Mehndi Te Vavi” below. Stream the song here.

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