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Macklemore Plays God in New ‘How to Play the Flute’ Video

Track appears on rapper’s 2017 solo LP ‘Gemini’

Ryan Reed Jul 19, 2018

Macklemore reigns over his own personal heaven and poses for a 1970s prom photo in his surreal "How to Play the Flute" video.

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Macklemore hallucinates a series of surreal, hilarious scenes ”“ from reigning over his own personal Heaven to posing for a 1970s prom photo ”“ in his new video for “How to Play the Flute.”

The Jake Magraw- and Macklemore-directed clip opens with featured emcee King Draino placing the rapper under hypnosis on a park bench. The rest of the video is a series of wacky vignettes: Macklemore rapping on the beach with his head poking out of the sand, painting a nature scene in a Bob Ross-styled outfit, posing nude for a painting (and generously extending the length of his penis blur) and mimicking the viral “Cybergoth Dance Party” YouTube clip.

“How to Play the Flute” highlights Macklemore’s second solo LP, Gemini, which also features the singles “Glorious,” “Marmalade” and “Good Old Days.”

The rapper is currently touring with Kesha on a joint jaunt that extends throughout September. The U.S. leg continues July 18th in Detroit, Michigan.

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