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Mad Orange Fireworks Debut in Mumbai and Delhi this Week

The Bengaluru rock band are supporting UK alt rock band These Reigning Days as part of the gig series Emerge with three shows

Rolling Stone India Jan 22, 2015
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Deepak Raghu Kaushik Kumar, Michael Dias (from left). Photo: courtesy of Emerge

Deepak Raghu Kaushik Kumar, Michael Dias (from left). Photo: courtesy of Emerge

Even though Bengaluru rock band Mad Orange Fireworks [MOF] have scaled down from four members to three after guitarist Ramanan Chandramouli left the band last year, frontman Michael Dias says they’ve only got heavier, turning away from the lighter, laidback sound of their 2013 album Lifeline Cast. Says Dias, “There are heavier guitar parts and it’s basically a little grungier.” The vocalist-guitarist, who formed the band 2011, says he’s been hooked to grunge ever since MOF played a Pearl Jam tribute show in August last year.

Mad Orange Fireworks, comprising Dias, bassist Kaushik Kumar and drummer Deepak Raghu [from stoner/doom band Bevar Sea and sludge band Shepherd], will lean on new material during their upcoming three-city tour supporting UK alt rock band These Reigning Days, at club gig series Emerge in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Delhi. Says Dias, “Originally, we were only supposed to play in Bangalore, but the organizers thought we would make a good fit for These Reigning Days.” The frontman adds that he’s always been trying to put together a Mumbai show, but “nothing came through.” MOF will play their first shows in Mumbai and Delhi this week, although Dias is not too worried that they are playing three consecutive shows. Says Dias, “People in the band have all played with different bands back-to-back, but never with Mad Orange Fireworks. I’m actually excited about it.” In addition to just two or three songs from Lifeline Cast, the band’s hour-long opening set will comprise new songs such as “Shaking My Ground, “You Got Me Good” and “Mad World.” Dias adds, “We might throw in a blues cover if we have the time.”

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Following their January shows, the band will resume work on writing and recording material for the follow-up to Lifeline Cast. The band has already written two new songs with Bengaluru producer Rahul Ranganath [formerly of psychedelic rock band The Bicycle Days] and plan to release a 10-track album as their next. Dias says their drummer is likely to bring in his heavier influences from rock and metal. Adds Dias, “Like the first album, most of the songwriting is done by me, but we experiment with everything. I wouldn’t say the music is all me. We can’t wait to get back to recording.”

Emerge ft These Reigning Days w/Mad Orange Fireworks

January 22nd ”“ Blue Frog, Mumbai

January 23rd ”“ The Humming Tree, Bengaluru

January 24th ”“ Summer House Café, New Delhi

Event details here.

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