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Madboy/Mink, Dualist Inquiry and Kohra to Play Budweiser MADE Stage

The multi-city concert series which kicked off in 2014 returns to Mumbai this year 

Rolling Stone India Jul 01, 2016
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After hosting some of the most promising electronic music talent across three Indian cities two years ago, Budweiser MADE Stage is back for its second edition. To be held tomorrow night at Mumbai’s Todi Mill Social, the gig will features three popular acts from the county ”“ Mumbai electro/funk-disco duo Madboy/Mink and electronic music producers Sahej Bakshi aka Dualist Inquiry and Madhav Shorey, better known as Kohra, both from Delhi.

(from left) Saba Azad and Imaad Shah at Ziro Festival of Music in Arunachal Pradesh last year. Photo: Pranab Doley

(from left) Saba Azad and Imaad Shah at Ziro Festival of Music in Arunachal Pradesh last year. Photo: Pranab Doley

MADE Stage is part of Budweiser’s ongoing campaign ”˜Brewed The Hard Way’, which offers a unique platform to artists that paved their own paths to not only share their music but also their life journeys. Says vocalist Saba Azad of Madboy/Mink, “We’ve seen the music circuit in India grow in front of eyes in the last four to five years and we can say that every Indian artist who is in the scene today has made it the hard way. It’s not easy to survive as a musician in India.” At the gig, the duo will perform songs from their last two EPs ”“ All Ball (2016) and Union Farm (2015) ”“ as well as test new material.  Adds guitarist Imaad Shah, “We have tons of new stuff and will be playing some of that. This year, we plan to release a couple of EPs and we have also started work on our full-length album which will hopefully come out mid-next year.”

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Azad and Shah admit that some of the biggest challenges in their music journey so far have been finances and producing music that is timeless. “We’ve never believed in making music for the sake of it. So the struggle is mostly about creating something that is evergreen and not trendy or anything. We don’t ever want to pander to anything,” says Azad.

Apart from featuring the three acts at MADE Stage, Budweiser will also be hosting them to one of the biggest EDM festivals of the world ”“ Tomorrowland, Belgium from July 22nd  ”“ July 24th. Says Budweiser spokesperson Vineet Sharma, Associate Marketing Director, AB InBev, “By curating platforms like MADE Stage in India, we aim to create energizing musical experiences which are liberating and truly authentic”¦This year, we also throw the spot light on the inspiring stories behind these artists, who have successfully carved a niche for themselves through commitment and hard work, which resonates with the brand and our campaign, ”˜Brewed The Hard Way’.”

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