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Madboy/Mink ready with second EP

Their new EP ‘Union Farm’ will retain disco-funk vibe, but will include live guitar and drums

Sairaj Kamath May 26, 2015
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Madboy/Mink | Photo: Courtesy of the Artist

Madboy/Mink | Photo: Courtesy of the Artist

The duo of instrumentalist Imaad Shah and singer Saba Azad have been very tight-lipped on the details of their upcoming EP Union Farm, until now. Says Azad with a laugh, “We got a lot of questions about the meaning of ”˜Union Farm’, but we’re going to keep ita secret until you actually hear the EP. Listen to it and figure it out for yourselves; that’s half the fun!”

One of the main differences in how they’ve approached their new music is a song in Hindi. Bengaluru fans that were at Madboy/Mink’s EP launch gig at the Pebble Lounge on May 23rd got a taste of Union Farm with a Hindi track titled “Sharaabi.” Recounts Shah, “That song got a really positive and raucous reaction after we played it. It was really cool, given that fans of independent music are usually a bit skeptical about Hindi songs.”

Both Shah and Azad remain coy about the concept behind Union Farm however, though Azad is quick to tell us that it’ll be as quirky as that of their 2014 EP All Ball, which was apparently about a cat offered as a birthday gift to the only gorilla in the world able to converse with human beings, who then named it “All-Ball”. Adds the group about the new EP, “We’re still discovering our sound, but we also want it to constantly evolve and even surprise ourselves. Union Farm definitely has a rawer sound with live guitars and drums, but our old funk and disco influences are still there. It’ll be a deviation from All Ball, but not so much that it’ll shock our fans.”

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Madboy/Mink’s ”˜Union Farm’ EP Launch Tour will include the following dates:

June 5th ”“ Antisocial, New Delhi

June 6th ”“ Blue Frog, Mumbai

June 12th ”“ Distil, Taj Vivanta, Chennai

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