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Mapex VX Series Drum kit

Rating: Five stars

Pros: The Mapex ITS system, double braced hardware and Remo Heads
Cons: Still looking for them.

Rolling Stone IN Jan 20, 2009

Mapex is a brand that over the years that has been able to make great drum kits at affordable prices. The VX series in the Mapex line of drum kits is the perfect upgrade from a starter drum kit. The VX kit is constructed from basswood with 8 ply construction and has a 7.2mm shell for a nice deep and rich tone. The lacquer finish on the drums adds to the visual appeal as well. The VX series also features the unique Mapex ITS system better know as the Isolated Tom System. What the ITS does is it basically eliminates any contact between the tom mount and the toms themselves, thus allowing the drum to vibrate freely and resonate more. This is a feature that is normally found on most high-end drum kits, but Mapex has been able to add this feature to their low-end series as well.

The standard configuration for a VX features a 22×18 kick drum, 12×9 and 13×10 rack toms, a 16×16 floor tom and a 14x 5.5 snare drum. The VX series comes with a Mapex 320 hardware pack that includes a bass drum pedal, hi-hat stand, snare stand, tom holder and a cymbal stand. All the hardware has die-cast memory locks and double braced legs ensuring durability and sturdiness. The icing on the cake is that the VX series hardware pack also includes the drum throne. The VX series also comes pre-fitted with Remo drum heads. A few of the other key features in the VX series are the colour matched bass drum hoops and the low-mass single-point-contact lugs which basically secure the shell via a single point of penetration which means vibratory interruption and truer tone.

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Overall the VX series is a fantastic sounding drum kit with the best features and most durable hardware available at a price of Rs 30,000.