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Max Cooper Returns To India

The UK-based electronica producer returns to play in Mumbai and Pune to push his just-released album Human

Rolling Stone India Jun 13, 2014
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Max Cooper at the Adidas Originals store at Palladium, Mumbai

After touring across Europe, Canada and Japan, the Belfast-based electronic producer and computational biologist Max Cooper is back in India this month for a two-city tour to promote his debut album Human. Says Cooper, “If there’s something that I’m reading about, like the infinite size of the universe, I’ll think about how I can translate that feeling and inspiration to music. But you don’t need to be a scientist to do that, you just need to have an interest in anything and see how you can apply that to music.”





In an interview with ROLLING STONE India, Cooper takes cues from the song titles on his new album to throw some light on the man behind the music.


“Impacts” Name one song that has stayed with you over the years?

“Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd, it’s a classic.


“Empyrean”  What is the biggest audience you’ve played to?

Probably Igloofest in Montreal. That was mad, actually! It was in the middle of the winter, minus 25 degrees at night and when you looked out and there were 10,000 people in snow gear and goggles.


“Automation” One pair of wheels you’d love to own?

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A really nice Porsche Carrera, maybe. I think in terms of supercars, they’re a little more classy than Ferraris or Lamborghinis.


“Awakening” What music do you love waking up to?

Moon Safari by Air.


“Supine” What is the last place you woke up with no memory of what happened the previous night?

The one that springs to mind is a gig in Mexico City where they’d been feeding me so much alcohol that I didn’t know how much I was drinking. The next day I woke up, I’d missed my flight and I had to go running through Mexico City to get to Seattle for Decibel festival. It was disastrous but I got there in the end.


“Seething” What is the worst setback that computational biology faces?

Probably public opinion. It’s a new technology and people don’t understand it, so they’re rightly being cautious about it. Education needs to catch up to technology so that people can accept it, understand it and integrate it more into their lives.


“Potency” What’s your poison?

Whiskey. Bourbon and coke at the start of the night, and whiskey on the rocks later on.


“Apparitions” Your favorite horror film

Aliens. It probably came out in the Eighties when I was a kid, and since then they’ve done tons of crappy remakes but the original one ”“ it terrified me but in a sort of good way, it’s got a good balance of fear and storyline.

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Max Cooper performs at the Westin, Pune tonight

Absolut present Lucid Space in association with Adidas Originals
Entry: Free before 11pm 

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