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MC Altaf Addresses Artist Exploitation on New Single ‘Cash Do’

The Mumbai rapper worked with his frequent collaborator, producer Aakash, on the song

David Britto Aug 13, 2020

Mumbai rapper MC Altaf. Photo: Glitch

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Over the past few years, Mumbai hip-hop artist MC Altaf took a conscious decision to begin writing on more relevant topics than music that just serves for entertainment. The rapper has found it extremely disheartening seeing young artists exploited for their talent whether it’s performing free shows or tying up with brands or labels where their music is manipulated. MC Altaf addresses all of this and more on his latest trap leaning single “Cash Do.”

The hip-hopper says, “Artists need to be handsomely compensated to generate funds to further develop and market their brand. Artists can’t survive on fresh air and fan love for all their life and the financial privilege shouldn’t be limited to just the category A artists.” He adds, “When artists make money, they will be able to invest in more inventory else it gets very tough for artists to keep spending from their own pockets.”

For “Cash Do” – released via Gully Gang Records – MC Altaf has worked with his frequent collaborator, Mumbai-based producer Aakash. According to the rapper, Aakash is the kind of producer who understands Altaf’s style and sound as well as his “music pulse.” The hip-hop artist says, “He always suggests beats which sync well with my vibe.” The new track is laced with trap music elements and the rapper’s recognizable flow. “Aakash and I have worked together to create a unique trap beat on which I could rap, spit bars and throw in some crazy energy,” he says.

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During the lockdown, MC Altaf has used the time to immerse himself in different genres of music and plans to embrace newer styles on his next releases. On the back of recent releases which include “Alag Hai Disha,” “Brinks,” “Flavours” and now “Cash Do,” Altaf is already planning ahead and has begun working on half a dozen new tracks. He says, “I am looking forward to surprising my fans with some mind-blowing collaborations and new music.”

Watch the music video for “Cash Do” below and click here to stream the song on other platforms.

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