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MC Stan Drops Moody New Album ‘Insaan’

The Pune-bred rapper’s 11-track record includes guest spots by heavyweights like Raftaar and Ikka

Anurag Tagat Feb 18, 2022

MC Stan in the artwork for his new album 'Insaan.'

MC Stan aka Altaf Tadavi began teasing his second full-length album ‘Insaan’ out of nowhere with a post on Instagram on January 31st. Now, the shapeshifting rapper’s 11 tracks have dropped via his in-house label Hindi Records.

Laced in Stan’s signature sense of reckless abandon and Auto Tune, the introspective Insaan follows the Pune-bred artist’s single “Inn Log Ne Maare,” which released in August 2021. The year also saw Stan’s seismic collaboration with New Delhi duo Seedhe Maut on “Nanchaku,” which was part of their mixtape . In a prior statement on Instagram, listeners were asked to “discard any and all expectations.” The note goes on to add, “The next is to prepare. For what? One can never be entirely certain. At minimum, brace for a reintroduction to a new school wave of hip-hop in India.”

On Insaan, Stan leads with wavy, emo vibes on songs like the title track, “Gender,” “Fuckk Love,” “Kal Hai Mera Show,” “Regret” and raps on heartbreak on “Bitch.” He teams up with seasoned rapper-producer Raftaar on “How To Hate,” an autobiographical track and after that, Stan drops the niceties on “Basti Ka Hasti” and “One Day Uh Gonna Pay” as he fires off on fake rappers and fleeting loyalty.

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There are certainly newer stories on Insaan, like on “Maa Baap,” which narrates the life of his parents and heartbreaking stories he’s heard about others disrespecting parents who raised them. Stan is aided by an equally emo verse from Ikka who speaks his truth about his complicated equation with his parents.

Unlike his debut full-length album Tadipaar which featured lengthy songs which swerved and kept listeners guessing, Insaan is much more straightforward in both emotion and intention. The final track “Insaaniyat” arrives with an air of anticipation, as Stan muses on ideas of humanity and humanitarianism. The note on Instagram further explained, “Humanity was and will always be above all. Humans have started believing in illusions and live in their own worlds. This album is the truth about Insaan and various other elements of life which Stan has experienced and is expressing through this album.”

Listen to ‘Insaan’ below. Stream the album on more platforms here.


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