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Meet The Nominees: Cosmic Infusion

The Mumbai symphonic black metal band are nominated in six categories in the fifth edition of RSMA

Anurag Tagat Jun 18, 2014
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Cosmic Infusion.

Cosmic Infusion. Photo: Satya Naren

Cosmic Infusion is a symphonic black metal band from Mumbai, who were active between 2003 and 2007 with frontman Chetan Tadke and later regrouped in early 2012, after keyboardist Sushan Shetty [who was also part of death metallers Infernal Wrath] took up the leadership of the band. Shetty has earlier said of the revival of the band, “It wasn’t a break up [in 2007], it was just a gradual disintegration. Our vocalist Chetan had to go back to Sangli because he had family commitments. A lot of people were still calling us for gigs after he left, but we had to back out.”

Cosmic Infusion went on to play several gigs in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad, but only got wider recognition after the release of their debut self-titled EP in July last year. Says Shetty, “Before the EP, our reach was less and we played gigs only in Bombay. After we launched the EP, a lot of people messaged from all over the country telling us they liked it.”


Formed in:




Despite a change in lineup and a five-year break, Cosmic Infusion’s sound is firmly rooted in black metal. The five-track Cosmic Infusion EP features epic black metal, combining blast beats and blistering riffs over heavy keyboard sections. Shetty admits it’s not exactly black metal, but most influenced by the genre. “There’s a big spectrum, we don’t hold anything back,” says Shetty. Songs such as “Burial Of Thy Own” and “Gothika” are current crowd favorites, made even better by the band’s new touring drummer Mihir Bhende. Says Shetty of Bhende, “He’s mad and really young, so at his age, you really want to bash the drums. All our tracks are have gone up a level. After all, black metal is best experienced live.” Cosmic Infusion’s lineup is completed by guitarist Amnish Lohire, bassist Amey Chautray and guitarist Nakul Rathod.

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Cosmic Infusion EP (2013)


Nominated for:

Best Band

Best Song ”“ “Burial of Thy Own”

Best Album ”“ Cosmic Infusion

Best Vocalist ”“ Sushan Shetty

Best Guitarist ”“ Amnish Lohire

Best Keyboardist ”“ Sushan Shetty


On their chances of winning:

Shetty laughs off the question of winning. The frontman adds, “I really don’t know. All the bands are good, but I’ll be happy if we win.” Shetty is also rooting for death grind band Gutslit, who are nominated in six categories as well. Says Shetty, “I’ve been to all of their shows, a lot of times because we’re on the same lineup.”


One thing you didn’t know about Cosmic Infusion:

After being unable to find a suitable vocalist to front the band, Shetty worked in secret for one whole month on his own vocals. Says Shetty, “It was a last-minute decision, in a way [to become the vocalist]. I went home, put a metronome on and practised for three hours a day for one month. When the band was jamming, I just put forth the idea, sang on the songs and they were convinced.”


Stream “Burial of Thy Own” by Cosmic Infusion

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