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Meet the Nominees: Gutslit

The Mumbai death grind band are nominated in six categories at RSMA

Anurag Tagat Jun 19, 2014
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(Second from right) Gutslit with new guitarist Prateek Rajagopal.


Gutslit is a four-member death grind band from Mumbai, with founding member Gurdip Singh Narang on bass guitar, vocalist Aditya Barve, drummer Aaron Pinto [also from groove metal band Providence] and guitarist Prateek Rajagopal [from experimental metal band Chronic Phobia]. The band has had several lineup changes since its formation in 2007. While Barve and Pinto joined the band in 2011, Rajagopal replaced founding member and guitarist Dynell Bangera in July last year.

With Rajagopal, the band is currently writing new material for their second album, the follow-up to their 2013 debut Skewered In the Sewer. Says Narang about new material, “Prateek [Rajagopal] is composing a lot of it. We’re finalizing the third song right now.” Gutslit are also taking time off writing for their next release to play in three shows in Europe in July, including the Obscene Extreme Festival in Czech Republic and Death Feast 2014 in Germany. Says Narang, “The organizer of Obscene Extreme also proposed we play the festival’s after-party, so that’s going to be fun.”


Formed in:




Gutslit remain one of the leading bands in the country promoting grind and brutal death metal. From blast beats to guttural pig squeals, Gutslit’s music is fast and relentless with hints of slam metal, with the occasional metal riffs. Skewered in the Sewer includes material that’s not just faster death metal, but combines elements of slam and speed.

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Contorted Mutilation ”“ Split EP with French grind band Pulmonary Fibrosis (2009)

Skewered In The Sewer ”“ full-length album (2013)


Nominated for:

Best Band

Best Album ”“ Skewered In The Sewer

Best Vocalist ”“ Aditya Barve

Best Guitarist ”“ Dynell Bangera

Best Drummer ”“ Aaron Pinto

Best Bassist ”“ Gurdip Singh Narang


On their chances of winning:

Narang says, “It’s a nice feeling, as a death grind band [to be nominated]. I’m happy people know there’s a band called Gutslit out there.” When asked who he’s rooting for, Narang jokes, “I’ll be a typical sardar and give all the bands an award and a bottle of whiskey.”


One thing you didn’t know about Gutslit:

Although Narang says everyone in the band are a “simple bunch of people,” few know that Narang also wields a mean six-string bass for Mumbai fusion band Agnya, which also features thrash/groove metal band [and RSMA nominees] Zygnema’s drummer Mayank Sharma.

Listen to Skewered In The Sewer here

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