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Meet the Nominees: 1833 AD

The Delhi black metal band released their debut full-length album, ‘My Dark Symphony’, last year

Anurag Tagat Jun 21, 2013
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Delhi black metallers 1833 AD. Photo: Shrey Kathuria

Delhi black metallers 1833 AD. Photo: Shrey Kathuria

1833 AD is a black metal band from New Delhi formed by bassist Sushmit Mazumdar and vocalist-guitarist Nishant Abraham, who recruited guitarist Rahul Mehalwal to join them soon after. What started off as a studio-only project in 2005 while its members were still in school, 1833 AD first took to stage in 2008, at Delhi’s Turquoise Cottage. Says Mazumdar, “There was a song we’d released called ”˜Silver’ just before that [live debut] and it made the rounds on forums, so a lot of people heard it.” In 2010, 1833 AD embarked on their End of Time tour in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi and Jalandhar. “We’re lucky to have played then, when black metal wasn’t really accepted [in India],” says Mazumdar. 

After running through as many as four drummers, they asked Raghav Sehgal to join the band in 2011. Later in 2012, they went on to work with producer Anupam Roy on their debut full-length album, My Dark Symphony. The three-part 12-track concept album deals loosely with Indian mythology, which is usually a far cry from the usual anti-theistic themes that black metal bands cover. Mazumdar adds: “Nishant is into fantasy very much and he added an Indian mythological angle, but we’re not directly preaching any of it.” 

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Formed in:



1833 AD initially took off with Abraham drawing inspiration from English symphonic black metallers, Cradle of Filth. “Dani Filth [frontman of Cradle of Filth], was one of his [Nishant’s] major influences,” says Mazumdar, who concedes that they’ve managed to appeal to non-black-metal by playing modern, cleaner, well-produced black metal. “Black metal is the most extreme side of metal to begin with, but it’s not just all blastbeats [with our songs],” says Mazumdar, adding that they are influenced by Norwegian black metal, but like to add their own Indian melodies, heard best on songs such as “Who Will Kill The Emperor?”


End of Time Tour Edition ”“ Demo (2010)

My Dark Symphony ”“ debut full-length album (2012)

Nominated for:

Best Band

Best Album ”“ My Dark Symphony

Best Song ”“ “Wiser Than the Wisest”

Best Vocalist ”“ Nishant Abraham

Best Drummer ”“ Raghav Sehgal

On their chances of winning:

Mazumdar admits they didn’t write their album to win an award. “Every band have given their best with their release, so every band deserves to win!”  Their album art too caught their fans’ attention: “It’s not just about the music for us, but every part of the package is important,” adds Mazumdar.

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One thing you didn’t know about 1833 AD:

Vocalist/guitarist Nishant Abraham has a strange pre-show ritual. “He has to eat KFC before every gig,” says Mazumdar. “The rest of the band is completely bored of KFC now.” 

Stream 1833 AD’s My Dark Symphony here


1833 AD performs at Rolling Stone Metal Awards 2013 with Scribe, Devoid and Rectified Spirit on June 23rd, 2013. Entry Rs 250. Event details here.

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