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Meet These Three Inspiring Women Who Are Challenging Gender Roles

The second season of ‘Jockey Woman Portraits’ features visual artist Mehek Malhotra, entrepreneur Sahar Mansoor and fitness enthusiast Swetha Devaraj

Rolling Stone India Jan 22, 2019

Visual artist Mehek Malhotra.

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One of the hallmarks of a progressive society is the freedom its women enjoy””the freedom to make their own choices, chart their own paths and live on their own terms. With evolving mindsets and increased opportunities for all, the past few years have witnessed several women achievers rise to the top in India and carry the torch for others. Whether it is the world of sports, science or entertainment, women are leaving their indelible mark everywhere. Among the many stories of successes that are being celebrated today, the unique journeys of three special women stand out particularly.

Three inspiring tales

What unites visual artist Mehek Malhotra, entrepreneur Sahar Mansoor and fitness enthusiast Swetha Devaraj is their common ambition to excel, and lead the pack with grit and determination. The three women are part of Jockey Woman Portraits, an online video series that puts the spotlight on women role models from different walks of life. The previous edition of the project featured renowned chef Chinu Vaze, bass prodigy Mohini Dey and model Gloria Tep.

Mumbai-based Malhotra is known for her trademark quirky visual designs. Recently, she directed city-based singer-songwriter Raghav Meattle’s music video “One Sided Stories,” which excellently captured her pop, eye-catching aesthetics.  In the Jockey Woman Portraits video, Malhotra explains that her will to fearlessly experiment with the palette has helped her find her true calling. She says, “Does it scare me to open my canvas to the world for judgment? No, it doesn’t. Because I know these colors and they know me! The joy of capturing simple visuals of life around you in your eyes is like a divine power.”

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For entrepreneur and Bengaluru-based Sahar Mansoor, living a zero-waste life and caring for the earth is of the utmost importance. Mansoor’s company Bare Necessities is a huge advocate for sustainability and creates environment-friendly products, ranging from bags to beverages. “We all can make a difference with little things and simple alternatives,” she says.

According to fitness freak Swetha Devraj, “success can’t be weighed by hashtags and followers.” The only way of ensuring success, according to her, is by taking small steps and becoming better every day. The Bengaluru fitness coach ”“ who is also a vascular radiologist (having practiced at Jain Hospital in Bengaluru for two years) ”“ is a cross fitness trainer, an avid runner at marathons and obstacles races, not to mention being an adventure sports enthusiast.

These might be stories of three diverse women but each tale carries the same message: that success comes to those who dream and those who dare. What’s your story? Because Jockey Woman wants to tell it to the world.

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Watch Shilo Shiv Suleman on Jockey Woman Portraits below: 

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