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MEIA Drops Empowering New Pop Single ‘Date Myself’

The American artist has also released a sizzling music video to accompany the track

David Britto Feb 05, 2021

American pop artist MEIA. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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After the release of her 2019 four-track EP boys don’t want a sad girl, doors opened for American pop artist MEIA to play bigger shows alongside boy band Why Don’t We and singer-songwriter Spencer Sutherland. “Looking back, I am really proud of what I was able to accomplish with no label,” she says. Since then, MEIA has spent time evolving as a songwriter, artist and woman and is determined to outdo herself going forward.

Recently, MEIA dropped her latest tune, the inspiring and dancey “Date Myself.” The artist wrote the song in 2019 during a late-night studio session she counts as one of her favorites. “I was with close and talented friends hanging in the studio until 3:00 am drinking wine and jamming.” Talking about the song, MEIA explains that it is extremely important “to feel sexy and confident” yourself first before others tell you. “That’s where this idea came from. I really think listeners will be able to feel the same energy in the song that we had in that room,” she says.

While the track is a play on words, MEIA jokes and tells us that people listening to the song could think it’s about self-love or Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s track “WAP.” She says, “I wanted this song to empower listeners in more ways than one.” The musician adds, “To me, this song means to love yourself, with or without anybody else. We live in a world where women are finally beginning to be bold and unafraid to say what they wish to. ‘Date Myself’ is my version of that.”

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MEIA recorded “Date Myself” in Los Angeles with producer Will Ventres. The track features plenty of groovy elements that drive the song while electronic components, as well as MEIA’s lush vocals, add to the heady mix. “He [Ventres] always empowers my creative ideas and matches what I’m feeling sonically,” says MEIA. Rob Chiarappa mixed and mastered the song.

With a sizzling music video also out for “Date Myself,” next, the pop artist is lining up plenty of new material. The upcoming tracks revolve around themes such as learning to love herself, drinking too much and the feeling of being stuck. “The songs tell stories from the last couple years of my life,” she says.

Watch the video for “Date Myself” below and stream the song on other platforms

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