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Mental Health Podcast Marbles Lost & Found Returns for Season 2

This year’s podcast will cover issues ranging from addiction and eating disorders to mental health in kids, grief and more

David Britto Jul 23, 2019

Marbles Lost & Found's Zain Calcuttawala (left) and Avanti Malhotra. Photo: Ujaala Chaudhuri

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A year ago Mumbai-based music producer Zain Calcuttawala launched a mental health podcast called Marbles Lost & Found along with friends Avanti Malhotra, Nisha Vasudevan, Ujaala Chaudhuri and Shadaab Kadri. At the time, Calcuttawala opened up to us about his story and battle with depression and mental health. Ask him how Season 1 of the podcast was received and he says, “[It] did better than we’d expected; it was moving. The number of messages we received was overwhelming.” He adds, “A number of people saying thank you, offering their expertise in some capacity or the other — it’s what we set out to achieve: building a sense of inclusivity and reassurance that nobody is alone when it comes to mental health.”

Marbles Lost & Found returns today with its second season that will feature 10 episodes every Tuesday with a duration of about 20 to 25 minutes each.

On his experience hosting the podcast, Calcuttawala says, “It was pretty exciting because we know how we felt while we were in the studio actually recording, and so it’s always a wonder if our listeners will feel the way we did.” The producer also tells us that there were a few “wow” moments when it came to recording Season 2.

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What can we expect from the new season? More guests featured on the podcast from mental health professionals to folks that have an interest in the topic. Also, subjects ranging from addiction, mental health in kids, eating disorders, grief and more will be discussed. There will even be a special episode featuring Kolkata dream pop duo Parekh and Singh’s vocalist-guitarist Nischay Parekh who recently stepped back from music after announcing via social media that he is suffering from “anxiety and depression.”

According to Calcuttawala Season 1 of the podcast “set the scene of mental health in a broader sense.” Going forward the producer says, “What we do believe and hope is that we are a resource that people can turn to for a better understanding of something that affects every human being in some way or the other, and it’s a topic that’s as normal as physical health.” He adds, “We hope that our approach to mental health has made it more accessible to people.”

Tune into Marbles Lost & Found on the IVM Podcasts app or website, on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, JioSaavn, YouTube, SoundCloud, Audioboom, Headfone, and all other podcast apps. Stream Episode 1 of Season 2 below: 

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