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Menwhopause Easy Tour

much like you, we hate early morning flights. but this one time, it seemed bearable.

Anup Kutty May 11, 2011
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May 5th, Hyderabad

Much like you, we hate early morning flights. But this one time, it seemed bearable. Probably because our cab driver is a bit of a roadie. About 10 minutes into the drive and our manager, Warier, finds some green stash in the glove compartment of the Toyota Innova that’s driving us to the airport. When confronted, the driver denied any knowledge of this strange herb in his vehicle. Warier tells the driver not to worry and keep driving while he finds a way to dispose the fertilizer in an environment-friendly way. Cabbie panics and claims ownership of the green and then proceeds to stop the car a kilometre from the airport and smoke the thing.

Note: Delhi bands – please get in touch with us for this extremely resourceful cabbie.

After convincing cops that those things are really effect pedals, and three hours of Angry Birds, we reach Hyderabad which isn’t any cooler than Delhi. First things first, we want biryani and the cabbie promises to take us to the best place – Paradise.

Note: Paradise biryani is over-hyped. You are buying into some marketing bullshit. The mutton biryani has no mutton in it. Serious.

Hard Rock Cafe, Hyderabad: interviews with a couple of bright scribes who’ve done their homework and one completely uninformed one. We explain the origin of our band name for the 134526th time. This time we tweak the story. We are hoping this newspaper will print the story of a neurotic poet who carved the name ‘menwhopause’ on his thigh in an act of drug-fuelled frenzy, inspiring us to go with it.

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Post sound-check, we return to the hotel for some quick swigs and random conversations about commitments!

Show begins at 9.30pm after a couple of notes on damp napkins are passed on to us. Warier metamorphoses into warrior much to the pleasure of the audience and the disapproval of the Hard Rock Cafe management. Mid-way through the gig he is escorted out of the club and is not seen again till we return to the hotel. Gig ends at 11pm.

Back in the hotel, we learn that Warier was manhandled for not behaving “appropriately”.   It makes for a night-long of drunken conversations with a few people who follow us back to our hotel to finish a bottle of JD.

Good beginning to a tour. Next stop Chandigarh. Will we get out alive after doing IP’s anthemic ‘Kaatil Sardar’ in Chandigarh? There’s only one way to find out.


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