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Metal Heads Get Their Own Ride

Unique bus service for metal fans, For Whom The Bus Rolls, readies for rides to Slayer and Megadeth

Megha Mahindru Sep 25, 2012
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Metallica fans heading to Bengaluru in 2011 on board For Whom The Bus Rolls

With a massive metal line-up including Wolf, Slayer, Megadeth, Gojira, Karnivool and Periphery slated to perform in India, metal fans may just need to empty their lifesavings to make it to all the concerts. Mumbai advertising professional and music buff, Vikram Varma along with co-workers Akshay Shringarpure and Firoz Merchant have found a novel route to cash in on the metal mania and maybe ease the financial burden a bit. Varma and co have put together a bus service for metal fans from Mumbai, Pune and Delhi.

Called For Whom The Bus Rolls (FWTBR), the service began last year when Metallica performed in Bengaluru. “We plan to make a moshpit on wheels,” says Varma. This time, the bus is revving up for two of the biggest gigs next month ”” Megadeth [October 14th, Noida] and Slayer [October 20th, Bengaluru]. Upto 44 metal heads can be accommodated per bus.

With bus tickets priced at Rs 5,500 from Mumbai and Pune to Bengaluru and Rs 1,000 for Delhi to Noida and back, it may be a steep deal, considering an intercity bus ticket is priced at Rs 2,400, but fans aren’t complaining. Mumbai’s Naiel Shenoy (23), who works as an online content manager at Walt Disney, has already booked his seat. “I’ll be flying to Delhi for Megadeth but will take FWTBR for Slayer,” he says. Adds Varma, “Our service isn’t expensive, considering the bus is stationed there, so we reach the venue in the afternoon and head back to our respective cities right after the concert, and people don’t need to spend on accommodation in the cities.”

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Wary of an overnight journey on a regular bus with strangers watching Kannada films, Shenoy decided to opt for the Metallica bus, and says of his experience: “It’s not every day that a group of guys who listen to the same music travel in a pack. Firstly, it solved our problems of getting to the venue. Then, the trip itself was a hardcore tribute to Metallica ”” everyone had some video or song they wanted to share. We made new friends and continue to keep in touch and even meet at gigs occasionally.”

Another highlight that commuters can look forward to is the pre-parties organized by FWTBR before the journey begins. Between impromptu jams with alcohol on the house, the 16-hour journey will include a couple of pit stops. “It’s a way of getting metal heads from Mumbai and Pune to meet and greet midway,” says Varma.

Did the bus driver take the Metallica hubbub too well last year? “He got used to it by the end. He even wore a bandana we gifted,” says Varma.

To book your ride with FWTBR, click here 

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