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UK’s Meta-Stasis Prep Third Album

The electro-tech metallers’ upcoming record will also chronicle their experience in India, says guitarist Paul McGarry

Anurag Tagat Feb 22, 2017
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Photo: Vikram Chandrasekat/The Concert Photographer

Meta-stasis live at Deccan Rock 2016 in Hyderabad. Photo: Vikram Chandrasekar/The Concert Photographer

From headlining a college festival at the Indian Institute of Management in Bengaluru to opening for Polish death metal veterans Behemoth at the Deccan Rock festival in Hyderabad, UK’s Meta-Stasis have experienced both ends of the metal scene in India.

With two shows in the country in 2016, the band””known for their no-holds-barred blend of jungle, drum and bass and technical metal””are fairly certain India will influence their upcoming third album. The follow-up to their 2015 album The Paradox of Metanoia, guitarist Paul McGarry says that influence doesn’t mean the clichéd old sitar-and-tabla samples. Or even Bollywood, for that matter. He explains, “It may not mean we will have an Indian sound on the record, but it was a highlight of our year. There were definite moments that stand out and even songs that resonate with me in a new light that I can see influencing the record.”

With the demos out of the way this month, Meta-Stasis will head in to recording with The Paradox”¦ producer Scott Atkins (Cradle of Filth, Sylosis and Behemoth) at Grindstone Studio in Ipswich, Suffolk in April. McGarry says of Atkins, “He is very honest, and won’t let us record shit songs. If any of the demos don’t cut it, it’ll be back to the drawing board and I think that’s for the best. You need someone like that in your corner. We are in safe honest and brutal hands.”

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Gear-wise, their keyboardist””who only goes by the name Anon””has a new setup that McGarry likens to going from “56kbps audio to HD.” He adds, “Both guitarists have EVH amps which has made a huge impact on live sound, and we’re toying with the idea of Fractal audios AX8. Keeping full-on metal clean is tough, so you need the right setup. It’s so crucial.”

Sonically, Meta-Stasis are aiming to narrow down into a Korn-meets-Meshuggah edge, taking a reference point of their Paradox”¦ track “United Monarchy.” McGarry explains, “That song kicks off live and people go crazy.” While Korn and Meshuggah have had influential releases in 2016, McGarry says his major wellspring comes from groove/thrash veterans Pantera as well as tech-death artists such as Soreption, Decapitated and Psycroptic. He says, “Anything that groove with a good amount of dirt is what it’s all about.”

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