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Metallica’s Gurgaon Gig Postponed, Fans Run Riot

A stray dog halts proceedings at India’s inaugural F1 race and now this. It’s not been a great week for world-class live events in India, has it?

Shawn Fernandes Oct 28, 2011
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This just in:

Metallica’s Gurgaon show, scheduled for this evening has been postponed. While the organisers are claiming that a ‘technical snag’ is behind the reschedule, the real reason probably has something to do with the fact that the surge of people caused the barricades to collapse earlier this evening. Post the cancellation announcement, some fans even gained access to the stage area, damaging equipment in the process.

According to Dev Bhatia, who was at the venue at the time, things started heating up with a stampede at around 3:30 in the afternoon. The stampede caused the barricades to collapse, with several fans getting hurt in the process. As the crowd entering the venue continued to grow, the barricades in front of the stage also collapsed. At around 6 pm, the organisers announced that due to “serious technical difficulties”, the show was postponed and Metallica would play at 4pm tomorrow.

The announcement further fueled the crowd’s frustration, causing fans to go on a rampage. Several fans gained access to the stage area, setting fire to banners and causing damage to the LED screens, monitors and other equipment.

While the show has been rescheduled for tomorrow, it will still cause problems for a large section of the approximately 20,000 people who turned up for the gig. A large percentage of the crowd had traveled to Delhi from across the country and abroad to see the world’s biggest metal band in action. Expect an avalanche of hotel re-bookings and flight and train rescheduling!

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Also, for those still looking to get their hands on tickets for the gig, their availability is certain to go up now as fans who can’t change their travel plans look to offload their tickets.

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