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Micks Unveils New Liberating Country Leaning Single ‘Let’s Go Now’

The song is the Australia-based singer’s first release of the year

David Britto Jan 28, 2021

Brisbane-based singer-songwriter Michaela Cook aka Micks. Photo: Glynnis Cook

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Since 2014, Brisbane-based singer-songwriter Michaela Cook aka Micks has been releasing singles and even put out her debut five-track EP Have Faith in 2016. Micks – who immigrated from South Africa to Australia with her family as a toddler – grew up heavily influenced by her drummer dad who played in a rock outfit in the Eighties. “Because of my dad’s rock-music past, I grew up listening to a lot of Seventies and Eighties rock n roll, which you can definitely hear in some of my earlier songs,” says Micks.

The artist tells us that she’s always leaned towards writing songs that tell stories people can connect to. With her latest release, the optimistic “Let’s Go Now,” Micks has painted a beautiful picture about stepping forward into a brighter future. She says, “With 2021 approaching, it felt like the perfect time to press reset on the year that was 2020.” The artist adds, “I believe that ‘Let’s Go Now’ encapsulates the feelings of being able to let go of the past and move forward together as a team.”

Micks collaborated with guitarist David Orr who added the lush strumming to the song. The track opens with delicate acoustic guitar plucking before we hear a playful keyboard hook as well as Micks’ infectious melody and emotional vocals. Massachusetts-based Joshua Stoll mixed the song while New York-based Daren Vermaas mastered it. “Let’s Go Now” is also super close to Micks’ heart because she had her father come in and sing harmonies on the track. “This song is extra special to me because very faintly, I have my dad’s low harmony mixed with mine,” she says.

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Although Micks hasn’t been to India before, she’s got a connection with the country. “My parents, through their previous business, have actually sponsored about 10 permanent [Australian] residency visas for their staff who were from India,” she says. Micks adds, “So, I have grown up learning about Indian culture from a young age.” The singer-songwriter is keen on visiting and even performing on our shores once the pandemic eases a bit more.

While her plans for 2020 went for a toss, Micks is keen on making the most of this year. The singer-songwriter tells us that she’s got an album’s worth of material in her locker and says, “I can’t wait to share them.”

Stream “Let’s Go Now” on Spotify below and on other platforms

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