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Midival Punditz To Perform At World Sacred Spirit Festival

The New Delhi electronica duo will premiere new songs from their upcoming album ‘Light’ at the eighth edition of the fest

Jessica Kilbane Feb 05, 2015
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Midival Punditz. Press Image.

In 2012, we first watched New Delhi electronica group Midival Punditz take to stage for a packed audience at Blue Frog in Mumbai. Producers Gaurav Raina and Tapan Raj were ready with a brand new live set, which included Rajasthani folk singer Kutle Khan, flautist Ajay Prasanna and Hindustani classical singer Malini Awasthi among a host of other collaborators. Anybody who had attended the show will recall the high-octane performances that one usually doesn’t associate with electronica.

Midival Punditz will bring all the drama and more to the eighth edition of the World Sacred Spirit festival, which will be held at the spectacular venue that is Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur. Says Raina, “For us will be very folk, very raw and very much to do with where we are playing.” After the success of their third studio album Hello Hello, which released in 2009, the pair began work on their next album Light, the release of which has been long overdue. Says Raina, “It took way too long and now we just want it out, but we don’t like to put the pressure of release on our artistic work. We took our time.” Featuring songs such as “Nabiya,” “Laage,”and “Echos,” the nine-track album will highlight the classic fusion of electronica with traditional elements and instruments which are Midival Punditz’s signature, but more focus on their Indian folk influences. Says Raina, “It’s got all the qualities which we will be showcasing at the show. The music is very hard. It’s very raw and heavy music, it’s unfiltered energy.” Adds Raj, “It’s got all of the stuff that we’ve been really inspired by and a very strong set of collaborators so we’re very excited about Light.”

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Light, which is scheduled to release on April 28th this year, will be followed by a five-city tour of the country which includes New Delhi, Mumbai and Pune. Says Raina, “There will be music from the new album, some new jam stuff and a few of our older songs as well. But all in all it’s going to be a fairly traditional Midival Punditz set, people know what to expect.”


World Sacred Spirit Festival:

Venue: Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur
Date: February 13th -15th, 2015
Entry: Rs. 3750 ”“ Rs. 6600

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