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Miley Cyrus

Can’t Be Tamed
[Three stars]

Rolling Stone IN Jul 10, 2010

Four years into her career, Miley Cyrus is, like other bubblegum idols before her, getting cranky about her image. In ”˜Robot,’ the booming dance-pop opus near the end of her third album, Cyrus cries, “I’m not your robot/Stop telling me I’m part of the big machine.” But Cyrus is indeed part of a big machine ”“ and is better for it. Tamed was mostly cooked up by the pros who helped make Cyrus a Disney princess. It’s a Top 40 record of a high order, packed with electro-pop hooks and big Kelly Clarkson-style shout-along choruses. Cyrus’ 17-year-old ire ”“ however genuine it is ”“ just adds spice.

Key Tracks: ”˜Liberty Walk,’ ”˜Can’t Be Tamed’

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