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Mindflew and The Yellow Bucket Launch Double Album Tour

Both Delhi bands will perform in Bengaluru, Pune and their home city this week to release their respective albums

Anurag Tagat Aug 12, 2016
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(left) Mindflew and The Yellow Bucket will play three shows this week on a double album release tour. Photo: Chaitali Burman (Mindflew); Meg D'Souza (The Yellow Bucket)

(left) Mindflew and The Yellow Bucket will play three shows this week on a double album release tour. Photo: Chaitali Burman (Mindflew); Meg D’Souza (The Yellow Bucket)

Over the last decade, Delhi-based producer, singer-guitarist and keyboardist Ritwik De has been floating numerous projects across genre spaces ”“ from psychedelic rock band Mindflew and electronica group Tankbund to post-rock act Zokova and electro-acoustic trio The Yellow Bucket. But he assures that it’s not just his persistence that keeps all bands active. He says, “Everything changed when Zokova went live [in 2014]. Plus, we’re all pretty close, it’s nice that there’s this connect and everyone is motivated.”

Artwork for The Yellow Bucket's album 'Vagabond'

Artwork for The Yellow Bucket’s album ‘Vagabond’

Motivation is definitely what’s driven De’s oldest band Mindflew ”“ who came together in school in 2006 ”“ to regroup in 2015 after a three-year break and work on their full-length album O Beti. Four singles later ”“ the romantic “Dil Ki Raani,” the dark title track and trippier dance-friendly tracks “Sapne ”“ The Dream” and “Philaawar Fantasy 500” ”“ the band is now ready with their album. Turns out De was working in tandem on The Yellow Bucket’s second album Vagabond. Recorded at his home setup, non-ironically called Ghar Ka Studio, De does say Vagabond was exhausting, considering it was in the works for two years, ever since their debut Two Halves released in 2014. He says, “I’m glad they’re all coming out now, so I can finally work on new material.”

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In addition to the change in sound towards a more “organic, earthy” electro-acoustic sound, the band ”“ which was originally a duo with vocalist, bassist and keyboardist Subhadra Kamath started in late 2013 ”“ extended to include drummer Suyash Gabriel [from Zokova and hardcore band Grammy Winning Effort]. De says, “The last album was lyrically dark but musically happy, but this one is moodier.” De also used a Swara Veena, a soothing 11-stringed harp that’s prominent on songs like “Faces” and “Frozen.” Meanwhile, there’s also a new heavier side to the band explored on “Palolem.”

Artwork for Mindflew's album 'O Beti' by Hemant Chona

Artwork for Mindflew’s album ‘O Beti’ by Hemant Chona

Mindflew’s nine-track O Beti is also dark and twisted, the inspiration coming from Delhi and “how depressing society is”, according to De. He adds, “It’s our take on a dystopian society.” They used everything from old cassette decks to beat-up amplifiers to arrive at a lo-fi sound. He says the music takes inspiration from psychedelic rock band Tame Impala as well as funk band Vulfpeck.

On their double album tour’s first leg ”“ the second being planned for shows in September ”“ Mindflew and The Yellow Bucket will perform in Bengaluru, Pune and New Delhi across a week. Both O Beti and Vagabond will be on sale at shows. Turns out, De’s not the only one on double duty, playing in both bands. He says, “Suyash is filling in for Mindflew, since [drummer] Jayant [Parashar] injured his back recently.” Now handling four projects, De’s next priority is already set. He says, “Zokova is also going to record early next year.”

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Mindflew and The Yellow Bucket Ghar Ka Tour

August 12th ”“ The Humming Tree, Bengaluru.

August 14th ”“ High Spirits, Pune

August 18th ”“ Bandstand, New Delhi

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