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MIRAE Makes A Spirited Comeback With ‘Marvelous’

The rookie group returns to the spotlight five months after the release of their second EP ‘Splash’

Divyansha Dongre Jan 12, 2022

K-Pop rookie boy group MIRAE

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South Korean rookie boy group, MIRAE unveils a refreshing side of their artistry in the latest release “Marvelous” . Leading the septet’s third EP of the same title, the single sees the group opt for breezy choreographed routines as opposed to the power-packed performances they have exhibited in the past.

MIRAE, who debuted on March 17th, 2021 with the electro-house single “Killa”, switch gears on their latest release, ushering in a brighter sonic identity. Characterized by pop-synth sounds, “Marvelous” is an upbeat dance-pop track that uses repetition in a clever way to curate an addictive chorus that’ll echo in your consciousness. The refreshed soundscape forays the septet to examine love and attraction, comparing the euphoric feeling to an outer space experience; “Baby just listen/ Hi, hello, beautiful and amazing you/ What are you hesitating about?” 

It’s almost as if experiencing the rich tapestry of emotions has propelled them into space, more specifically to Mars, where the colors seem brighter. It’s an interesting way to explain how love heightens your senses, altering the way you perceive the world around you; “The Mars where the sun sets in blue/ Yeah this color is completely different from Earth’s laws.”   

Though the group has evidently opted for a pop concept, MIRAE retains its dexterous choreography routines – an element that has played an instrumental role in forging the group’s identity and popularity since their debut. Vivid, fast-paced and spirited, the music video will take on a visual rollercoaster through the occasional use of CGI, displaying the boundless solar system in all its glory. 

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Marvelous, MIRAE’s third EP comes 10 months after their debut EP KILLA. Led by the single of the same title, the septet’s latest six-track EP houses additional tracks “Future Land,” “JUICE,” “Final Cut,” “Amazing,” and “Seven Pages (Dear My Friend)”. MIRAE also came in 6th on Rolling Stone India’s 10 Best K-Pop Debuts of 2021. 

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