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Jon Dolan May 31, 2011
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It wouldn’t be unfair to argue that Moby has kind of been treading water since 1999’s techno-blues opus, Play. That said, the guy’s not a bad water-treader. Destroyed follows the understated elegance of 2009’s Wait for Me even deeper into Ambient land; written on tour during sleepless nights in hotel rooms around the world, songs like the gracefully oozing synth reverie ”˜The Broken Places’ and the elegiac Eno rip-off ”˜The Day’ luxuriate in pillowy isolation. On the gospel-laden ”˜Lie Down in Darkness,’ Play’s millennial roots music reappears like a friendly ghost. “The sun will be no more,” a grainy voice warns from the digital beyond. Moby finds a way to make permanent midnight weirdly inviting.

Key Tracks: ”˜The Day,’ ”˜Lie Down in Darkness’

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