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Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will
Sub Pop
[Three and a half stars]

Rob Sheffield Mar 11, 2011
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Of all the great Nineties guitar bands, Mogwai might be the one fighting hardest to keep the decade’s anything-goes spirit alive. The Glasgow space-rockers have never lost their faith in ear-bleeding noise. On their superbly titled seventh album, they go for epic guitar savagery, weaving feedback with melody in the majestic surge of ”˜You’re Lionel Richie.’ They mess with keyboards on tracks like ”˜How to Be a Werewolf,’ exploring the jagged electro grooves of groups like Neu! and Stereolab. Every band should mature like the Mogwai lads: still inventive, still challenging themselves and still insanely loud.

Key Tracks: ”˜You’re Lionel Richie,’ ”˜How to Be a Werewolf’

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