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Exclusive Release: Singer-Songwriter Mohit Mukhi’s New Video ‘Until We Fade’

The Mumbai musician teams up with British singer Heather Andrews for this track off his debut album

David Britto Sep 29, 2016
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Mohit Mukhi "Until We Fade"

The video was shot at the inconspicuous café Gostana in Khar, Mumbai and follows the lives of the two characters meeting each other.

Mohit Mukhi‘s new video tries to capture the dichotomy of a relationship: the good things versus the fears that come with them. “Until We Fade,” which is a part of his recently released debut album Running Shoes And A Thousand Dreams features Mukhi and British musician Heather Andrews (who has also sung backing vocals on the track) walking over eggshells even as they try to please each other. Mukhi says, “It’s almost like a very childlike feeling where you are really excited and you pretty much go out there to make things work.”

The video was shot at the inconspicuous café Gostana in Khar, Mumbai and follows the lives of the two characters meeting each other and looking back on how their past has affected them. “It’s just about the emotional baggage, how we can carry it and how we deal with that and if we want to move on,” says Mukhi, who is now looking forward to play gigs extensively with his newly formed band which features Andrews and keyboardist Rahul Wadhwani. “I would like to play places where you’re there to listen to the music,” he says. The trio will play their first gig this Saturday at Mumbai’s Tuning Fork and are also working on new material together.

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Watch the video for “Until We Fade” below:

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