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MOMOLAND Joins Forces With Natti Natasha on ‘Yummy Yummy Love’

The collaborative single follows the group’s February 2021 release ‘Wrap Me In Plastic’

Divyansha Dongre Jan 14, 2022
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K-pop girl group MOMOLAND usher in the glory of disco-funk with their latest single “Yummy Yummy Love.” Featuring Dominican singer-songwriter Natti Natasha, the English single sees the group opt for a glamorous music video to accompany the groovy beats of the track. 

The single opens with a classic Eighties-inspired disco soundscape, with a lively synth and groovy guitar brew to boost your spirits. MOMOLAND keeps the atmosphere youthful with choreographed routines and delicate, fruity vocalizations, giving “Yummy Yummy Love” the potential to be a fan-favorite. The concept and production are wonderful additions to MOMOLAND’s discography, befitting the group’s established pop vibrance personas. 

Singing about a sweet start to a relationship, “Yummy Yummy Love” strategically uses repetition and onomatopoeia, creating an earworming lyrical composition that will etch itself into the deepest levels of your conscious: “Ski-pi-di-bap, bi-pap, bi-pap, boo/ You got into my heart, this girl is on fire/ Ski-pi-di-bap, bi-pap, bi-pap, boo/ Your time’s up, save it for later.” Natasha’s cameo elevates the pop quotient of the single, with the Dominican pop star’s verse featuring a reference to Disney’s Lion King: I’ll tell ya/ Take a little chill pill, now and relax, huh/ Livin’ for the motto, Hakuna Matata.”

Staying close to the disco feel, the music video utilizes neon tones and brightly lit set designs to curate a stage-like atmosphere. The music video also features a lively interaction between Natasha and MOMOLAND in a skating rink—a staple set element in any disco-inspired music video. 

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Following the release of “Wrap Me in Plastic” with Chromance in February 2021, “Yummy Yummy Love” marks MOMOLAND’s second collaboration with an international artist. 

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