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Monsoonsiren Launches New EP ‘Falstrati’

The Bengaluru electronica producer’s five-track release is a cinematic masterpiece

Jessica Kilbane Jan 20, 2015

Monsoonsiren | Photo courtesy the artist

Monsoonsiren’s Nathan Menon can’t do anything without a healthy dose of melancholy. Two years after he first showed up on our radar, 20-year-old Menon who is now signed to Berlin-based label Project Mooncircle, has just launched Falstrati, a five-track release which is as much a departure from post-millennial dance music culture as it is a study of his fragmented individuality. Says Menon, “It’s a war against myself. When I finished recording this EP, I was in a very vulnerable position because I pretty much died with every track, I put everything into it.”

Bridging the space between innovation, instinct and intellect, Menon takes warm sustained chords, layers them with his tremulous falsetto and ties them together with minimalist, modern sound design. Says Menon, who put together his new release in five weeks, “This EP is more evolved, it’s a lot darker and more complicated. I’m not even close to where I want to be as a musician, but my sound is slowly maturing and I can project the feelings that I want to more accurately.” Falstrati explores themes of drugs, sex, temporal pleasures and the effect they have on relationships, with Menon using his music as a form of cathartic release. Adds the producer, “These tracks are very different from my last EP, you can tell as soon as you hear it. They’re about a whole different aspect of my life.”  Artists such as American producers Go Yama and Insightful and Danish producer Galimatias have produced tracks on Menon’s new EP.

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In the months leading up to the release, several tracks off Falstrati such as “Sullen Fables,” “Maso”and “Glasstables” premiered on radio channels such as BBC Radio 6 Music, online publications such as i-D magazine, among others.


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Listen to Falstrati by Monsoonsiren: