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MONSTA X’s I.M Bares His Soul On ‘God Damn’

The track is the lead single off the rapper and songwriter’s solo debut EP, ‘Duality’

Divyansha Dongre Feb 19, 2021
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MONSTA X’s lead rapper I.M made his solo debut today with the EP Duality. The release was led by the single “God Damn,” a gritty hip-hop track about fearing the turmoils of temporary happiness. Duality features four additional tracks– “Howlin,“ “Burn,“ “Happy To Die,“ and “Flower-ed.” 

The music video opens with a crowded party. As we slowly make our way through the sea of an intoxicated crowd, we meet I.M who’s disassociated and aloof from everyone else. What follows next is a montage juxtaposition between the intimate memories of the past and the haunting reality of today. Throughout the music video I.M is seen holding onto an oxygen mask, gasping for air and wanting an escape from the emotional suffocation he’s experiencing. The visuals emphasize the rapper’s vulnerability and desperation with repeated shots of his neck tattoo that reads ‘Cry me a river’ and clips of him stumbling through the club in a drunken haze before finally losing consciousness.

I.M breaks down his walls and gives us a look into his innermost fears and emotions with his deep and honest lyricism. Written by the rapper and arranged and composed in collaboration with producer Wooki, the song opens with the chorus, giving listeners the opportunity to sense the dubiety that comes with when you’re torn between wanting to return to familiarity or moving on. This theme is consistent throughout the song as I.M sings, “My head hurts to revert/ Should I say everything is okay?” and “I’m not sure what I’m doing/ Give me some direction.”

Stream ‘Duality’ below:

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