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Dive Deep
Ultra Records
[Three and a half stars]

rsiwebadmin Jul 11, 2008
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Dive Deep is a little storehouse of surprises. This sixth album from the Godfrey brothers explores a down tempo mood and plays with the use of various musical styles, ranging from soul to folk and some R&B. Vocalists Skye Edwards and Daisy Martey have been replaced by a number of guest vocalists including popular French singer Manda. Each song is a blend of liquid textures, classy guitar and groovy percussion, and the sound almost disassociates Morcheeba from counterparts like Massive Attack. And that is not a bad thing at all, considering this album is far more laid-back and stylish and not necessarily the expected dance set. ”˜Thumbnails’, one of the two instrumental tracks on the album, is a show of complete fluidity by guitarist Ross Godfrey, who lures you into the song with a sensual groove of percussion and dreamy tubular bells, with just the right tones and textures. Another one to watch for is ”˜Enjoy the Ride’ where Judie Tzuke’s vocals induce a semi-hypnotic state. ”˜One Love Karma’ with American rapper Cool Calm Pete is again a departure within the album, exploring an R&B rhythm and a very groovy bass line, accompanied with stylish scratches that come in on just the right syllables. Norwegian vocalist Thomas Dybdahl comes in on three tracks while vocalist Bradley sings ”˜Run Honey Run’, a livelier track that meanders around a Don McLean sound with classic Morcheeba overtones.

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