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By Rex Vijayan of Avial

Rolling Stone IN Mar 10, 2010

Photograph by Bajirao Pawar

What makes Motherjane one of the best bands in the country today? It’s a very tough question to answer. Personally, I think, just to begin, the name itself ”“ Motherjane ”“ is a very catchy and likeable one. Then, when you proceed to their music, the music is very unique. Motherjane is a band made up of some fantastic musicians ”“ the musicianship is great. Everyone brings in a magic to the sound ”“ Suraj, John, Clyde, Deepu and especially Baiju, who uses these Carnatic guitar lines, which nobody else has done in a rock band. Then there is the lyrics, which have a certain depth and profundity to them, that is rare.

I have lots of nice memories from my time with the band ”“ too many to list out here. And these memories are not just to do with the music. We are all great friends till now. All five of them are very humble people ”“ especially given their success. And humility, I think, is not something you can act out; you have to be humble to begin with. And that quality, I truly believe, goes a long way in making Motherjane what they are.

By Rex Vijayan of Avial

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